Our past and forgiveness

We may learn to change the language from negative to positive but what if we are still holding on to Our Past then what happens. All of the above, our beliefs, values, awareness and confidence will not be in synchronisation with us and will not work. Our past is not the future, we cannot erase it but we can release it before we can move on to new goals. At the same time we must learn to forgive and move on.

If you are unable to communicate directly with the other person then write down all your feelings and give it to the other person when both of you can read through it and discuss it. This may create a portal to understand where the other person is coming from. If this not practical then you may decide to throw the letter away.

The purpose of writing down is to release and free yourself, from any unexpressed feelings. This exercise is vital for our future success. Some of you may have heard about the book called “The Secret” or seen the movie. It is about the Law of Attraction, for example if I hold the resentment and anger I will attract the same in my life. Then it does not matter how hard I try to accomplish the most achievable goal I may fail or take extraordinarily long to attain it and in the process may ruin my health, or have unnecessary arguments with family and friends.

As long as you don’t forgive who and whatever it is will occupy rent-free space in your mind.

Isabelle Holland