Private Life Coach & Mentoring

Some people may ask whether they need a Life Coach or a Mentor. 

The role of a Coach is to help the “Client” understand in depth the situation being discussed and how to avoid similar situations in their future. This is done over a few sessions, up to the point where the client becomes confident of the situation. At this point, unless the client has other issues that need similar attention, the Life Coaching comes to end. In other words, Coaching usually lasts for the duration of the goal achieved.

The role of a Mentor is far deeper. It is not only to assist the client to understand the current situation, but also to help the client to bring out their hidden potential and to work towards their personal and professional goals / targets.

Mentoring involves primarily listening with empathy, sharing experience (usually mutually), professional friendship, developing insight through reflection, being a sounding board, encouraging.     ~David Clutterbuck

We all need a Coach or Mentor at some time during our life. When Mala was training to be a Certified Coach, she too was assigned a mentor to help her unleash her true potential to complete her course successfully.

Mala is a qualified Master Coach and Mentor. With over 30 years of Coaching and Mentoring experience, she has developed her unique style of coaching and mentoring skills.

Many of Mala’s clients refer to her as “Mama Mala”, You may ask WHY?
She has amazing listening skills, is able to adapt and communicate with individuals from Diverse culture backgrounds and shows empathy towards her clients. From her continual Coaching and Mentoring, she has devised her own specific model “C.I.P” as she rigorously follows it herself.

Mala continues to mentor at various organisations such as Birkbeck College (UCL) mentoring MBA students and Start-up business at NatWest Accelerator programme for Entrepreneurs. She has worked with Grow movement as a volunteer helping small business in Africa.

She is passionate about Coaching and Mentoring and brings the best out of the client as long as the client is willing and committed to trust.

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Change your Thoughts, Change your life –  Dr Wayne Dyer